Butts In Seats: The Tony Schiavone Story

Created by Travis McIntire

A biographical journey through the career of legendary wrestling color commentator, Tony Schiavone, as told through comics!

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The 11th and 12th Stretch Goals have been Unlocked! Bonus Comic! Variant Cover!
about 2 years ago – Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 06:54:33 PM


Hey all!

Dirk Manning here again! Since yesterday's update we've unlocked TWO more Stretch Goals! TWO! YOU"RE AMAZING! Here's the skinny on the Stretch Goal upgrades you'll be getting with every Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover:

  • A free digital PDF of the graphic novel
  • A triple-signed Kickstarter Exclusive bookplate autographed by me, artist Josh Werner, and Tony Schiavone
  • Ten brand new fully illustrated chapter breaks by ten artists new to the book
  • Four new bonus stories recalling some favorite memories from Tony starring Bobby Heenan, Chief Wahoo McDaniel, Sting, and Ric Flair, respectively

Along with all of these free upgrades with every pledge that comes with a Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover edition of BUTTS IN SEATS, you're also going to now get:

  • Stretch Goal #11: Every pledge level that includes a Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover will now also get a free Kickstarter Exclusive Behind the Scenes Bonus Comic! This is going to have behind-the-scenes process pieces, art that won't be published anywhere else, and more! A free Kickstarter Exclusive comic! Huzzah!

  • Stretch Goal #12: This is a huge one, friends! The Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover is now getting a Variant Cover illustrated by Scott James! Scott, as many of you are aware, illustrated Chapter 7: "The End of WCW" for the book, and we're excited that your Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover will now be even more collectible than ever with his Kickstarter Exclusive Variant Cover! As for the cover itself, we can't show it to you quite yet (because, quite frankly, we didn't expect to unlock it this quickly), but we will be able to next week latest! In the meantime, I can tell you that it's an homage to Tony's favorite comic cover of all time, CAPTAIN AMERICA #193
This is Tony's favorite comic cover of all time... and next week we'll show you the Variant Cover upgrade to the KS Exclusive Hardcover that's an homage to this classic cover by Jack Kirby!

I can't believe we've already unlocked TWELVE Stretch Goals together, friends. You're amazing. AMAZING! THANK YOU!

Stretch Goal #13 will be some metallic enhancements to the Variant Cover (because who doesn't love a little bling, right?), and then, the "ultimate" Stretch Goal after that will be the completion of "The Quest for the Gold" in which we give Tony a metallic embossed gold belt on this Variant Cover, as he will be the CHAMPION thanks to all of your support!

"What if I want both covers?"

After the Kickstarter ends we will not offer the Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover again -- ever. The only way to get the Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover Edition -- which will now sport that cool CAPTAIN AMERICA homage cover will be in this campaign between now and April 16th.

After the campaign ends, the softcover trade paperback edition of the book that will be available in comic shops, books stores, etc. will only have this equally stunning cover by Ringo Award nominated illustrator Marianna Pescosta, which is also incredibly gorgeous:

After this campaign ends you may walk into a comic shop and see Tony Schiavone's face looking back at you from the shelf!

If you're a "completest" and want to get both versions of the book with both covers (one to keep to yourself as a collectible and one as a "reader" copy that you can perhaps even share with your friends), remember that you get both the Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover (which will now have the Variant Cover by Scott James) and the standard TPB edition (which features the "wresting chaos" cover by Marianna Pescosta) when you pledge at the "Tag Team" or "Gimme Everything" pledge levels... or, should you like, you can simply add $25 to your existing pledge. Then, at the end of the campaign, you'll have the funds on your account to add the extra TPB edition of the book into your "BackerKit" shopping card at checkout -- while also helping us unlock even more Stretch Goals in the process.

And speaking of more Stretch Goals...

"Are there going to be even more Stretch Goals past 'The Quest for the Gold,' by chance?"

Real talk, friends... we did NOT expect to unlock twelve of our fourteen planned Stretch Goals in the first TWO DAYS of the campaign.

So, to that end, I spoke with Source Point Press and Tony earlier today and -- yes, because you've demanded it (and, quite frankly, EARNED it) -- we're talking about adding a few more pretty impressive Stretch Goals that will upgrade the Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover edition of the book even more. We've locked in one already (featuring an artist I've wanted to work with for years), and we're talking about a few more options past that... so stay tuned, everybody.

In the meantime, if you'd like to spread the word about this campaign so we can move closer and closer to unlocking them, please share this link:

Again, we are all so very, very grateful for your support of this book, friends. Truly. On behalf of myself, Tony Schiavone, Source Point Press, and the team of TWENTY-FIVE (and counting?!?) illustrators contributing to the telling of Tony's life story, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Truly!

I'll be in touch soon with that Kickstarter Exclusive Variant cover reveal... so watch this space!

Representing team BUTTS IN SEATS,

Dirk Manning

10 Stretch Goals? Now we're going it with Flair! Wooooo!
about 2 years ago – Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 08:42:56 PM


Hey all!

So... yet again... I'm kind of at a loss for words here, which, if you 

know me, you'll know is pretty rare.

Earlier today we unlocked the 10th Stretch Goal of the campaign, unleashing all the Round Two Stretch Goals! This means every Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover now comes with:

  • A digital PDF of the graphic novel
  • A triple-signed Kickstarter Exclusive bookplate (autographed by me, bookplate artist Josh Werner, and Tony Schiavone)
  • Ten new illustrated chapter break pin-ups illustrated by 10 new artists
  • Four new bonus stories (featuring Bobby Heenan, Chief Wahoo McDaniel, Sting, and Ric Flair) each illustrated by a new artist

For those of you keeping track at home, that's 28 pages of additional content that has been added to the book thanks to your support, enthusiasm, and passion for this project!

(Or, counting it another way, that means there's now 25 different amazing illustrators attached to this book telling Tony's story!)

As I type this we're already closing in on the 11th Stretch Goal (the first Stretch Goal of Round Three), which will unlock every Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover coming with all of the above bonuses as well as a Kickstarter Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Bonus Comic!

After that, we move into unlocking an variant (and perhaps enhanced) cover, too! You're all amazing. THANK YOU!

About Add-Ons...

A few of you have asked about adding extra items to your pledge levels (such as a shirt or an extra hardcover). If you would like to treat yourself to a little something extra, use this handy graphic below to determine how much to add to your existing pledge level. Then, at the end of the campaign, you'll be able to use the extra funds to add the item of your choice via the BackerKit (online shopping cart), still with FREE U.S. SHIPPING!

Want to add a little something extra to your pledge? Add this amount and you'll be able to include it at the end of the campaign! No extra shipping!

Keep spreading the word!

Remember, friends, the more people who pre-order BUTTS IN SEATS: THE TONY SCHIAVONE STORY, the more Stretch Goals we all get, so feel free to keep spreading the word across social media (and/or to your other wrestling friends) using this link:

Thanks again for your support! Truly! We all appreciate it so much... and we'll talk again soon, friends!

Representing team BUTTS IN SEATS,

Dirk Manning

SEVEN Stretch Goal upgrades and counting! You're amazing!
about 2 years ago – Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 05:04:35 AM

Seven Stretch Goals (and counting) in the first 12 hours of the campaign? THANK YOU!

Hey all!

Dirk Manning here! I have the distinct pleasure (and honor) of working with Tony Schiavone as the writer of BUTTS IN SEATS: THE TONY SCHIAVONE STORY, and I wanted to take a moment to say "THANK YOU!" on behalf of myself, Tony, Source Point Press, and the rest of team for your support of this project.

As I type this we have unlocked SEVEN Stretch Goal upgrades in less than the first 12 hours of the campaign, and to say that this has exceeded our wildest expectations for the first day of the campaign -- let alone the first half of the first day -- would be an major understatement. So, truly, again, from all of us... THANK YOU.

Thus far, every Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover comes with the following FREE bonuses and upgrades as part of the Round One Stretch Goals:

  • A digital copy of BUTTS IN SEATS: THE TONY SCHIAVONE STORY you'll be able to read on your computer, phone, tablet, or e-reading device
  • A Kickstarter Exclusive TRIPLE-SIGNED Bookplate autographed by me, bookplate artist Josh Werner, and of course Tony himself
  • TEN new illustrated bonus pin-ups will be added to the book as chapter breaks, with each one illustrated by a different artist who was not previously in the book... meaning that puts us up to OVER TWENTY unique illustrators contributing to Tony's life-story (so far)

We're now already in the Round Two Stretch Goals, too, which means...

  • The first Bonus Story has been unlocked, which details some of of Tony's fondest (and funniest) memories with legendary wrestling manager and announcer Bobby "The Brain" Heenan (again, illustrated by another artist who wasn't previously in the book)
  • If (when?) we unlock the next three Round Two Stretch Goals over the course of the campaign, three more artists new to the book will also illustrate the three more new bonus stories

After that, we move towards unlocking the Variant Cover for the Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover (illustrated by Scott James) and, finally we could even complete the "Quest for the Gold" by getting Tony a metallic enhanced gold belt on that variant cover, too!

If you're new to Kickstarter, here's a few notes I hope you'll take a moment to read...

  • No money will be collected until the Kickstarter ends on Friday, April 16th
  • As long as your pledge level includes the Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover, you'll be getting EVERY Stretch Goal we unlock throughout the campaign
  • If you want to add any extra items to your pledge (such as a T-shirt of an extra KS Exclusive HC), just add that amount to the item you want to your pledge (while maintaining your current pledge level). There will be a BackerKit (an online shopping cart) at the end of the campaign where you can then add-on the items you want with your balance

In closing...

Once more, friends, thank you. In the time I've taken to write this update I've spoken to Tony, and he again expressed his gratitude and thanks to all of your for your support of this campaign. As you may be aware, Tony is a big comic book fan, so to be able to tell his story in such a dynamic fashion with BUTTS IN SEATS is a privilege  that he -- and we all -- most sincerely appreciate you making possible.

If you'd like to help spread the word about the campaign (so we can all get even more Stretch Goal upgrades), feel free to share the link on your social media platform(s) of choice.

We appreciate you all so much and will be in touch soon! In the meantime, let's keep pushing for the "Quest for the Gold" and get Tony (and all of you) that gold belt he has earned over such an amazing career!

Reppin' team BUTTS IN SEATS,

Dirk Manning